Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sonny Perdue Fiddles While Georgia Burns

I got up today and to my surprise saw that the forecast was for, a high of 85 with AM Smoke. Smoke? Again, SMOKE? Where am I living, Hell? Were Flames coming in the afternoon and Brimstone at night? If you are unaware of what I'm talking about, I live in Georgia and there have been horrible fires in the south here near the Okefenokee Swamp. Fires so bad that the smoke has traveled 200 miles up from the origin of the fire, to where I live in Atlanta. The smoke is literally so bad outside that you can see it and it has made the air here, 200 miles away, dangerous to breathe. This is not a joke, it is horribly real. The fires were apparently the result of arson and have spread throughout the entire Okefenokee area and outwards, decimating the south Georgia area, and now the smoke is harming us here. My question is, what the hell is the Governor of my State doing about it? Apparently nothing, he hasn't asked for Federal help to my knowledge when we need it badly and the fires continue. On the television coverage, I see firemen just standing around and looking at the fire, why don't they, oh I don't know, get a goddamn hose? Use planes or helicopters to fight it? Even if they have, it seems now that they are just letting it burn. MY STATE IS ON FIRE!!! And the Governor (a former veterinarian) is busy neutering cats or something. He needs to get off of his ass and do something!!! But the awful truth is that I suspect something more sinister is involved here. I believe that those fires are being allowed to burn, to clear areas for development. Georgia has been a hotbed, no pun intended, of absurd over development for the past decade. We are losing trees and wilderness areas daily for the sake of strip malls and the almighty dollar. This has to stop or this State will be unlivable in a few years. So I ask of the Governor of Georgia, prove you aren't complicit in a cabal of development who's main goal is to destroy the Okefenokee, one of the great wetlands of this nation, a spiritual place, a holy place, to use the land for the sinful purpose of lining up more soulless strip malls and developments that benefit no one but the rich and cheapen life in the State Of Georgia.


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