Monday, May 21, 2007

Send Paris Hilton To Guantanamo

That's right, send that little spoiled rich brat to jail. Now, I'll be honest, I may be biased about this, I got a DUI, my first legal offense in any way, I had to pay all sorts of money to a lawyer, for fines, for probation, and I spent 18 hours in jail, had to do 40 hours of community service and I had to pay to take a 4 day DUI Prevention Course. Again I reiterate, THIS WAS MY FIRST LEGAL OFFENSE OF ANY KIND. It caused all sorts of financial hardship for me, for a year, you see money actually means something to me, I'm not an heir to a billion dollar hotel chain. But I did it, I didn't mind the community service at all, although I think the money I had to pay out was absurd, but that's another story. Anyway, I again state, this was my first legal offense of any kind, and I am still dealing with it's repercussions over a year later. Paris Hilton is a DUI offender, not only is this just absurd in a rational way(when you are worth millions, I think you could get a ride home from a sober person, hell, she could have a fleet of limos escort her limo home), the fact that she DID IT MULTIPLE TIMES is what's particularly egregious, and even after all of this she was offered a chance to do community service to pay for her crime, as you know money is nothing to her, and she turned it down. What classist arrogance. Her mother has apparently been quoted as saying that her children are beyond the laws other people have to adhere to in this country. Well, I think we should show her classist cow of a mother that her children aren't beyond reproach. Send her golden child to spend a month with terrorists in Cuba, maybe then she'll realize doing community service wouldn't have been such a bad thing, as she hears the Islamic call to prayer for her roomies 6 times a day. Also, why the hell is this girl famous? For being rich, that's all. She's only moderately attractive, has no talent and merely gets press, well, for just being alive. Is that how we want this country to work? To force us to bow before a sort of "American Royalty" just because they have money? I thought we fought a little war to get away from monarchism. At least actors, athletes and musicians who are "celebrities" have a talent that made them what they are, Paris Hilton's talent is......? This classism is far more epidemic is this country that most people are aware of. It's despicable and needs to be addressed, not lauded as the celebrity media does. By the way, there is another reason I have so much anger about this situation, one of my best friends was killed by a repeat DUI offender, and my best friend's life was destroyed by the legal and financial problems he incurred due to his repeat DUI offenses, he didn't have billions to bail him out, he died last year. I am not guiltless, I broke the law, I served my sentence, paid my fines and I will not ever do that again, again it was my first offense, not an excuse, just a statement. We should make a statement and send a message to the classist Hilton family and send Paris to Guantanamo.



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