Sunday, November 06, 2005

Halloween 2005

Celebrations around my house during Halloween Night:

Me As Jack The Ripper in his Daemonic State:

My Decorations on Halloween Night:

My friend John as a Drunken Priest:

Me, my friend John and my niece Ashley:

My nephew Brandon, lighting Jack O' Lanterns:

The Crone Aspect Of The Goddess:


The ScareCrow!!!!!:

Suburban Samurai Pumpkin Sacrifice!!!!!:

My Brother Mike and I, notice the Orb on the left side, more on those in a moment:

Various photos I took during The Night with Orbs and other Photographic Anamolies which may be SuperNatural Entities!!!!!!! Decide for yourself.:

Preparing myself to perform the Human Samhain Sacrifice........just kidding.:

The end of The Night:

One Last Boo!!!!!!!!!! Happy Halloween/Samhain Blessings!!!!!!!!!:

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