Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Get Your Damn Puritanism Out Of My Face And Life

Recently a story has come out of my home state, Georgia, about a 37 year old woman who married and is with child with a 15 year old boy. She is in jail now, sadly, separated from her family and her husband. The media has been having a field day with this, that she is somehow a horrrible, monstrous rapist when her only crime is that she loved someone a lot younger than her, if she were a man and the boy was a girl, there would be no controversy. This is all just more of the right wing conservative Christian madness that is infecting this country. We must purge this madness from our minds and souls or we are doomed. I, for one, WILL NOT be governed by these Dark Age rejects who are trying to impose their World View on the rest of us. Their sado-masochistic religion of hate, judgment, and punishment will not prevail. Where is the compassion of Jesus, who they claim to believe in? The Love? All this woman was guilty of was love, and she should be free to be with her husband.


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