Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Birth Of My New Political Party And Its Manifesto

Being a leftist progressive, I have become so sick of most of the cowering Democrats, whose timidity in even challenging Bush on the Iraq War and other issues when even Republicans now are, is gutless and disgusting. And because of that I am starting to separate myself from the party I have been a member of since I began to vote. Then why, you might say, don't you become a Green Party member? Assuming they are more progressive. And they are, but still not as progressive as I am, especially on the more Libertarian aspects of my political beliefs. So I have decided to form my own Political Party, The Earth Party(Apologies if this is already taken). Here is The Earth Party Manifesto, the Ten major principles upon which it is founded:

1) Legalize ALL drugs for people 18 and over. Tax them heavily and use the tax proceeds to help with drug treatment programs. Stiffen penalties for drug related crimes, but make sure the punishment is met with compassion and treatment options if that is appropriate.

2)Free Health care including Dental and Psychotherapy for ALL. As well as Free Drugs for those who need them.

3)A Fair Tax System where the Wealthy pay their Fair Share. No more tax Shelters for the Wealthy.

4)The End of Eminent Domain. No One can take your property for any Commercial Purpose at all, and the Government can only take it for an Emergency and must pay above market value.

5)Cut The Pentagon Budget by 1/3 and give those funds to the Department Of Energy to fund scientific research into renewable energy sources and alternative transportation options such as rail.

6)Increase Funding for the Arts, provided that those who benefit give back some of their time helping the NEA.

7)Increase Price Controls on all Merchandise.

8)Provide a Dole for those who do not wish to participate in capitalism in this country.

9)Increase EPA funding and stiffen fines heavily for businesses who pollute.

10)Legalize gambling, prostitution and assisted suicide. In The Earth party your life is your own.

There it is, The Earth Party Manifesto, now I finally have a party that represents me completely. ;)


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