Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Americans Are Mostly Selfish Children

I was watching a report on the news about flight delays at Hartsfield-Jackson airport, near where I live, grown people were whining about having to wait a few extra hours for their flight or even a couple of days. I was thinking the whole time, most of the people they interviewed were healthy and well off enough to fly and they were whining about this, when there are other people in this world that are lucky to get one meal a day, that have to deal with disabilities, that are, um, IN A WAR as we speak, and here these bitches (men and women) were complaining about a little lost time. It made me unusually angry and I screamed at the TV, trying to get my voice to pass through some psychic veil so they might have heard it. Some people are just so ungrateful just to be alive.


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