Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Eostre!!! The Celebration of Life and Renewal and the Worship of the Goddess Eostre.

I have seen many comedians make jokes asking what bunnies, eggs, and baskets have to do with Easter? The real question is what does the execution of a jewish dissident named Jesus have to do with the time of the year in which the Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Fertility and Spring, Eostre (or Ostara) was worshipped and celebrated? The answer is nothing, except for one thing, the fact that Christians have taken over and inserted their Spiritual celebrations over most Pagan ones in the hopes of erasing the truth about the true origins of the celebrations. You see, if you knew that these celebrations, from Halloween To Christmas and many others throughout the year, came directly from Pagan Celebrations, you might question why the Christian and Jewish Celebrations happened to fall right at the same times throughout the year? The answer I have already given you, to stomp out their origins and insert the worship of the Christian and Jewish God over these times of the year. Erasing any train of thought that venerates any other Gods other than Jehovah, thus forcing everyone to bow to their God, to be under their control. Well, I for one am not. I have my own God. And my question is, what does a cross and a religion of pain, blood and death have to do with the Easter Bunny?



P.S. For more information about Eostre, click here Eostre.


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