Monday, July 17, 2006

You Will Not Win

You Will Not Win

I've just been thinking intently lately about the state of the world. The War In Iraq, the escalating battles between Israel and Lebanon happening now, Afghanistan, 9/11, Al-Qaeda, the domination of this country's political power by right wing nutjobs, and I just have one thing to tell all of these people who want their lives and ours to be dominated by misery and death, You will not win. No you will not win, you architects of death, destruction and war, you cancerous greedy corporate executives who are destoying this country's middle class while making more money than anyone has ever made, you oil worshippers who don't want us to evolve and develop new energy sources because it will make you obsolete, you religious fanatics who want us all to adhere to your warped, evil dogma or die because you are too afraid to abandon your beliefs for more peaceful ones, no, none of you will win. Love, laughter, music, art, friendship, sex, joy, nature and peace will win. I know this because, I know as I write this that there are millions of other people like me, and we out number you. And we are more determined than you to repel your attacks on our culture. Think of history, our side has always won. Gandhi, MLK, The United States in The Civil War, World War II, although we have endured heavy sacrifices, we have WON, and we will continue to WIN. So let me inform you of things you need to get used to, because they will happen in this lifetime. Gays will be allowed to marry and live in peace and happiness, get used to it. Consensual, beautiful, loving sex will continue, amongst all sexualities. Consensual pornography will remain available to buy. Drugs will be legalized, people who wish to spend a day in the park with a guitar and a joint will be left alone, as will people who wish to eat psylocibin mushrooms and touch the face of God. The laws in certain states based in Biblical belief will fade due to common sense, we will be able to buy booze in Georgia on Sunday. Get used to it. We will stop interferring in other countries internal affairs just to browbeat them into submission, there will be NO MORE pre-emptive wars. The culture of Death that Christianity, Islam and Judaism promote will fade, forever, replaced by beautiful new religions actually based in love and empathy. We will save the Earth from money hungry developers who are destroying our country with pop up housing, those houses will come down and the trees you knocked down to put them there will have their vengeance when we replant new ones. The companies who are dumping poisions into our environment will be destroyed by a new Ecology based conciousness that is coming, sorry, IT IS already here and growing. Art will be funded more and the world will be made more beautiful by it's existence. So neo-cons, capitalists, corporate cancers, religious fanatics, your days are numbered. Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll will win out in the end. We have all of history on our side, you still have time to change your ways and join us. Peace,



The Fist of Truth said... may get one day get to enjoy this dream society you have but you should study history a little more and see that every empire that ever existed on the earth was crushed when its morals (whatever they were)declined..same as us. Enjoy it when it comes cause it won't last.

Mark said...

Yes it will, the morality that guided those past cultures was what I was talking about being destroyed, the morality of The Inquisition, the morality of the Salem Witch Trials, the morality of The Crusades. Goodness and tolerance will always win out because ultimately sane people want peace, there are asylums for the rest.