Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My American Idol Rant

My American Idol Rant

by Mark

Why in God's name have we allowed this stupid show to define pop music in this country? A show where the judges are: the ex-bass player from Journey (Randy, yo dog The Wheel In The Sky Keeps On Turnin'), a music industry twit who cares more about making money than hearing good music (Simon Cowell) and a fucking choreographer!!!!!!!!!!! Paula Abdul is a very talented woman as a dancer, but she can't sing at all!! Her singing career was short lived well, because she sucked and the people in this country are letting these three people persuade them as to who should be, basically the next Elvis!!!!!! The winner, essentially the last three finalists are immediately given record contracts, anything they need to get their career going and in 2 weeks their shitty CDs are pouring into Wal-Marts everywhere, where apparently people are devouring them by the masses. I just can't believe that many people want to hear Clay Aiken sing fucking standards!!!!! To hear Ruben Studdard sing Don't Go Changin' by Billy Joel!!!!!!!!!!!!! Argggh!!!!! I mean it's like we're living in some weird after Elvis went into the army, pre-Beatles pop hell. Geez, this has to die, or music will. As a guitarist busting his ass trying to write my own music, this American Idol shit is just annoying. Peace,


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